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When your brand is ready to tell that story, you Prospr.

Every brand has a story to tell.

Who We Are

Reach. Connect. Prospr.


Your brand is your identity, and it encompasses so much. It goes far beyond your logo, tag line and color scheme—it is who you are and what you stand for. Your brand reflects your philosophies, approach, business practices and target audience. It is who you are inside.

Prospr Communications works with your brand from the inside out, ensuring that your brand identity informs your strategy, which in turn informs your tactics. The result: earned, paid and shared media opportunities that reach the right audience for the right reasons. Your brand is your north star, and Prospr is here to ensure that your entire marketing and communications approach is headed due north.

Every brand has a story to tell.

When your brand is ready to tell that story, you Prospr.


When it comes to telling your story, experience matters.



What We Offer

Brand Identity

A brand is no different than a personality-- authentic, involuntary and true. Every action a brand takes should reflect its identity. In turn, that identity should be manifest in the brand's target audience. Prospr works with brands to dig deep and find its authentic self, ensuring that all its efforts are reaching that exact right consumer.

Earned Media

It’s always better to have someone tell your story for you. Prospr’s bread and butter is the earned media space, positioning your brand for pickup in endemic, non-endemic, local, national and trade publications. With our own journalism experience to lean on, our pitching style is front heavy, giving reporters, bloggers and personalities all the tools they need to share your brand’s story with the right audience—always delivering data-driven results against your brand’s KPIs.

PR Tools

Sometimes you just need to get the word out. Prospr serves as a one stop shop for PR materials like press releases, media advisories other one-time materials to get your brand's news out quickly, always working to make the greatest immediate impact. 

Creative Solutions

There is nothing standard about the way Prospr operates. We use our skills and relationships to expand property and brand awareness through creative PR strategy, leveraging fandom to elevate brands and landing crossover opportunities with new audiences. Our track record of creative approach and disciplined PR fundamentals has yielded results for clients with both established and organic audiences.



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